A new citywide nurse residency program being implemented in New York hospitals is expected to help retention efforts and curb burnout among nurses. The program will support participating hospitals with a year-long residency that bridges the gap between education and practice for recent graduates.

The Citywide Nurse Residency program will be implemented in 24 participating hospitals and 500 newly-hired nurses will be provided with specialized training that promotes job retention in first year nurses. The program is being offered in partnership with the Greater New York Hospital Association, NYU Langone Health, and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

The program will provide newly-hired, first-time nurses with on-the-job training, focusing on ethics, decision making, clinical leadership, and the incorporation of research-based evidence into practice. Nurses in the program will also receive support and mentoring to enhance job satisfaction, performance, and retention.

New York City’s public hospital system is the largest in the nation. Adopting a citywide nurse residency program will help hospitals save on the financial cost of losing employees and provide a proven way to help retain nursing staff.

Mayor Bill de Blasio tells healthcarefinancenews.com, “We’re exploring every possible avenue to create new pipelines of opportunity for New Yorkers who deserve good paying jobs as we continue to make strides toward being the fairest big city in America. This Citywide Nurse Residency program will help expand opportunities and retain skilled professionals at public hospitals that deliver quality health care to countless New Yorkers.”

To find out more about the new citywide nurse residency program being implemented in New York hospitals, visit here.

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