“It’s time for a Nursing Revolution!” says nurse educator Farah Laurent, International Nurse Coach, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CPXP, NPD-BC, TCRN, CPEN, CEN. She says nurses need to advocate and speak up for what they want and deserve and feel supported in their transition from nursing school to nursing practice. Laurent is a nurse mentor, educator, speaker, and coach, and we’re proud to honor her as our Nurse of the Week.

Nurse Educator Helps Nurses Level Up Their Careers

Laurent provides career guidance to help nurses level up and land their dream specialty position by standing out from the crowd.


Nurse Educator Farah Laurent became a nursepreneur to change the game for new nurses

“I find many nurses lack the confidence to go after what they truly want and sometimes just settle,” says Laurent. For example, she says nurses don’t have to start in medical surgical areas if that’s not what they desire.

“I encourage nurses to pursue specialty areas they are most passionate about and are excited to work in. I truly believe if nurses are happy where they are, then they will stay, and that’s a plus for staff retention,” she adds.

Laurent says her mission is to tell nurses they no longer have to settle. As a nurse educator, she’s tired of seeing nurses unhappy, overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated, and she wants nurses to follow their passions and dreams because they deserve it.

“It’s possible to get what you want and land that dream position. However, once you shift your mindset, you will transform your career and life,” Laurent says.

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Nurses Must Follow Their Dreams

Laurent’s life is all about pursuing her dreams. After immigrating to Canada when she was nine, she was determined to make her parents proud. As a result, she was the first in her family to graduate with a BSN and Master’s in Nursing Education and is currently in a doctoral program for nursing.

“You will never be an Emergency Nurse,” a clinical instructor told her in nursing school. So Laurent landed a position in an Emergency Department before graduation and taking the nursing licensing exam. And it’s this grit and determination that propelled her to become the nurse educator she is today, inspiring other nurses to become unstoppable.

Tune in to Laurent’s LinkedIn live show and podcast, “The Nursing Dose with Farah,” where she shares educational and inspirational content.

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