Lindsay Norris, an oncology nurse from Kansas City, has had the unfortunate experience of telling dozens of patients that they have cancer. But she never thought she would find herself on the other side of that conversation. After being diagnosed with stage III colorectal adenocarcinoma in September, Norris decided to document her “journey to survivorship” with a personal blog titled Here Comes the Sun .

Her most recent blog post, an apology letter to her patients, begins with, “Dear every cancer patient I ever took care of, I’m sorry. I didn’t get it.” She goes on to explain how she now knows what it’s like to walk in her patients’ shoes, from the painful periods waiting for results to the medical and personal struggles that come with a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent fight for your life.

According to Norris, her diagnosis has been a humbling experience that’s given her a newfound understanding for her patients. Her blog was originally intended for friends and colleagues to get a deeper glimpse into what their patients are experiencing, but she’s grateful her words ended up touching so many hearts. The blog is her way of going the extra mile for her patients because even in the midst of her own fight against cancer, Norris tells Today.com that “Nurses always want to do something to help.”

To read Lindsay’s full blog post, visit her Apology Letter here.

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