Nurse of the Week: Emergency Department Nurse Darren Moon Receives Healing Hands Award

Nurse of the Week: Emergency Department Nurse Darren Moon Receives Healing Hands Award

Our Nurse of the Week is Darren Moon, a staff nurse in the Loma Linda University Medical Center emergency department, who recently received the 500th Healing Hands Award for his lifesaving care. When patient David Colwell was admitted after experiencing symptoms of a heart attack, Moon stepped in and took the necessary steps to ensure that Colwell received the lifesaving medical care he needed.

Moon was reunited with the patient whose life he saved after Colwell nominated him for the Loma Linda University Health Healing Hands Program. Surrounded by emergency department colleagues, Moon was recognized for his actions as the 500th Healing Hands Grateful Patient Program recipient.

According to News.LLU.edu, Colwell addressed Moon at the awards presentation with the following: “Thank you for your expertise and quick action to address my situation. I understand you were also part of the team in the cardiac cath lab who attended to me. I’m glad you are part of the Loma Linda family.” The nomination came as a surprise to Moon, but he was honored to receive the 500th Healing Hands pin.

The Loma Linda University Health Healing Hands Program provides patients a way to recognize staff members who have provided exceptional care, according to their website. The program allows patients and their families to give a gift of any amount, and direct it to supporting the campus in any way they choose along with a note to the caregiver.

Connie Cunningham, executive director of emergency services at Loma Linda University Health, praised Darren with kind words: “Darren is an amazing nurse, skilled and well-rounded. When David arrived in the emergency department, Darren was focused and calm as he sifted through all of the symptoms.”

Time is of the essence with patients like David who exhibit cardiac-related indicators, and thanks to Moon’s lifesaving care, Colwell is now in good health. To learn more about Moon and Colwell’s nurse-patient relationship, visit here.