Nurse of the Week: Senior Nursing Student Darinisha Turner Promotes School-Life Balance

Nurse of the Week: Senior Nursing Student Darinisha Turner Promotes School-Life Balance

Our Nurse of the Week is Darinisha Turner, a senior nursing student at the University of Texas at Arlington where she promotes work-life balance in her peers. Turner wanted to spend her time as an undergraduate nursing student proving wrong the statement that, “You can’t be in nursing school and have a social life.” She has learned how to pursue her love for the health care field while also staying involved on campus, something she hopes to help other students learn how to do.

While pursuing her degree, Turner also served as a member and journalist for the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, a mentor for upcoming freshmen at the Center for African American Studies, and a member of the Black Student Nurses Association. Turner has also secured a job at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit where she currently works as a patient care technician. For Turner, a typical day includes a 12-hour clinical, preparing sorority events, and trying to find time to eat and sleep.

Turner’s school and social schedule certainly keeps her busy, but while she understands the importance of education to find a successful career path, she also believes everyone should have some balance. Turner tells, “Having a balance between school and being involved on campus is extremely important to me.” The sorority is important to Turner because it allows her to be involved in something bigger than herself and to serve as a positive role model while changing the community around her.

While her time as a student is coming to a close, Turner is also ready to begin her career in a few months. She tells, “I fell in love with the health care field in high school, and having the opportunity to live my dream in a couple of months is worthwhile.” Turner’s love for promoting a healthy balance of school and social activities will leave an impact on many of her peers as she heads into graduation.

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