Night Shift Nurse Christy Fliss Recognized for Kindness

Night Shift Nurse Christy Fliss Recognized for Kindness

Long-term care nurse Christy Fliss is a night owl serving residents in Canby, Minnesota, after dark.

“It’s fulfilling being that person to light them up. Make them feel good,” says Fliss, who’s coming up on nine years at Sanford Health Sylvan Court .

The single mom of three usually is a charge nurse on the night shift. And a remarkable one at that.

“As an administrator, we can get calls any time of the day, any time of the night,” Jason Anderson says. “When I know Christy’s on, I just have a sense of calmness. I know everything’s going to be OK. I know everything is going to be taken care of. She just is thorough in her job.”

The DAISY Award and Nurse of the Week

It’s the attention to detail, willingness to help others, and Fliss’ kindness why teammates surprised her with The DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses.

“It was awesome. It made me feel great. I’m just so glad that they all think that way of me. Makes me feel good,” Fliss says. “I never want to be that nurse that somebody’s scared of or doesn’t feel comfortable coming and asking questions to.”

Anderson says he’d love to replicate her and the families, residents, and staff. “They appreciate Christy so much.”

Daily Nurse proudly honors Christy Fliss as our Nurse of the Week.

‘Before Anything, Be Kind’

What’s Fliss’ secret to nursing excellence? The former CNA turned LPN treats others like family.

“It’s rewarding knowing that you’re that comfort to the residents when they need it the most,” says Fliss.

“The other night, I was in the room with a 103-year-old, and something silly had happened, and she laughed so hard. I have never heard her laugh like that. It was the greatest thing. It was just like hearing about your kids. That genuine laugh. Just moments like that, the residents make it the best job.”

Showing pride in her work, Fliss hopes to lead by example for years.

“I always want to be what I want my kids to be. I want them to look up to me and be like, ‘Oh, Mom was always really good at that and she always tried her best.’ I always tell them before anything, be kind,” says Fliss.

Fliss hopes “everybody feels comfortable around me and knows they can count on me.”

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Night Shift Care Packages Gifted During Daylight Savings Time

Night Shift Care Packages Gifted During Daylight Savings Time

For the sixth year in a row, WGU Indiana delivered Night Shift Nurse Appreciation Kits to hospitals and healthcare facilities across Indiana for daylight savings time. These kits were provided to nurses who worked an extra hour during their usual, and already difficult, shifts.

“WGU Indiana is distributing the Night Shift Nurse Appreciation Kits for the sixth year, to honor the important and often unrecognized contributions of night shift nurses,” WGU Indiana Chancellor Allison Barber shared, prior to daylight savings time. This year, roughly 4,000 nurses in 127 hospitals and health care units across Indiana received these kits on their extra long shifts. Each kit contained treats, a thank you note, sleep masks and stress balls.

In addition to the usual work challenges that all nurses tackle, night shift nurses run into problems on the job that affect more than their careers. Having their circadian rhythm thrown off by their working hours, these night shift nurses are put at risk for fatigue and other health issues.

“From my work as a night shift nurse for 38 years, I recognize that night shift nurses don’t always receive the same recognition as employees who work during the day,” said Mary Lawson Carney, WGU Indiana State Director of Nursing, DNP, RN-BC, CCRN, CNE. “Night shift work has a significant impact on the physical, psychosocial and professional lives of nurses.”

The care packages also included information about the WGU Indiana Night Shift Nurse Scholarship. There are five $2,000 scholarships available to Indiana night shift nurses who are interested in advancing their education through WGU Indiana’s College of Health Professions.

Last year Dea Gillfillan, a night shift nurse and WGU Indiana student, was one of the five scholarship recipients and is grateful to the school for giving her opportunities to advance her education. “The flexibility of my online coursework with WGU has allowed me to study on my days off and the Night Shift Nurse Scholarship made my degree that much more affordable,” Gillfillan shared. 

To learn more about WGU Indiana and the Night Shift Nurse Scholarship, click here.